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Defense of Trucking Accidents in Georgia

In 2008, 179 trucks in Georgia were involved in fatal crashes. While it is common to assume that trucks are responsible for most accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cites some interesting nationwide statistics for 2008:

  • Large trucks were 3.2 times more likely than other vehicles to be struck in the rear in two-vehicle fatal crashes.
  • Only two percent of large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit. During the same period, 23 percent of passenger car drivers, 23 percent of light truck drivers, and 29 percent of motorcycle drivers had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit.
  • While seven percent of truck drivers were likely to have a previous license suspension or revocation, the number was less than half of the 15 percent for passenger car drivers.

Semi and Tractor-Trailer Accident Defense Lawyers in Georgia Need Specialized Skills to Fight the Bias

Defense of drivers is only one aspect an experienced trucking accident lawyer deals with in typical cases. Trucking companies are seen as having deep pockets by the truck accident lawyer representing the injured victims in Georgia cases. In addition to charging liability on the part of the driver, they typically pursue everyone from the individuals who loaded the truck to those responsible for maintenance. The policies of the company are also brought under close scrutiny.

Each tractor trailer accident lawyer at Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Tomkins LLP (“Thomas Kennedy”) uses a range of resources and investigative skills to unravel the details behind every semi truck accident. A Thomas Kennedy lawyer recognizes that accident victims in Georgia often have full or partial liability—trucking companies and insurance companies in Georgia should not be required to bear the burden of every claim.

Road and Other Conditions Can Contribute to Trucking Accidents

Dangerous roadways are often a contributing factor in trucking accidents. Where sharp, unmarked curves, water pooling, potholes, and other hazards can be difficult for any vehicle to negotiate, the risk of accidents increases when a cab pulling one or more trailers encounters these conditions. When the attorneys at Thomas Kennedy discover road conditions and other factors contributed to an accident, we take all allowable legal action to hold parties responsible for the conditions liable for the accident.

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